Betcha Forgot! vol. 2

It’s that time again. More pointless reminiscing from Kyle and Josh.

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I bet you forgot that we did this last week…
if you haven’t it’s probably not for lack of trying.

On today’s docket:
Carmen Sandiego
PBS’s Ghostwriter
90’s game shows
and just exactly what role YTV played in awakening Josh’s burgeoning bestiality fetish.

(That last one’s a joke that only makes sense if you listen)


3 thoughts on “Betcha Forgot! vol. 2

  1. I have to say that because we kinda stick to a theme I really like this episode in comparison to our pilot. We need to try and continue this going forward. Does anyone else have suggestions or comments?

  2. You guys are so cute. I luv how high and squeeky your voice’s gets when you get excited about something.

    Anyways I bet you you forgot about Troll Dolls. Remember they even had troll dolls for boys. They were all muscular and stuff like GI Joes but the regular ones just had funky hair

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