The Legend of VTAN: A Link to the ‘Cast (part 1)

Literally no one, except for me, has been excited for this episode to come out, but it’s finally here and I’m giddy with girlish glee.


Kyle and I decided one lazy Sunday afternoon to play Zelda III from start to finish.

Since he’s gonna be gone for another 3 weeks I re-purposed this recording, which I had never intended on releasing, and turned it into a new edition of the VTAN Podcast.

Once Kyle returns we can go back to having real  episodes.


One thought on “The Legend of VTAN: A Link to the ‘Cast (part 1)

  1. Holy beep! I dunno anything about this J Alex guy but his buddy Kyle is a friggan saint for putting up with him. I was listening to this cuz I have an alert set up to tell me anytime someone mentions zelda and halfway through this jerk spoils the ending of Big Brother season 8. What a beep hole! I was thinking about watching that and now its ruined for me.

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