Betcha Forgot: Musi-bation


Kyle wants to talk about music… Josh keeps trying to steer the conversation towards “jackin’ off”.

An epic struggle.

Apologies for the inconsistent audio quality. The middle third sounds better than anything we’ve recorded, but the beginning and end sound like we’re in a cave… underwater.

Memory Lane:

Beat the Geeks
Rock & Roll Jeopardy
Burgess Meredith
Taylor Dane
Pitch Perfect No Diggity
MAGIC! – Rude
Ashley MacIsaac
Great Big Sea
Joy in Small Places
Lady Marmalade
Memoirs of an Invisible Man
Scrambled porn
I Hear You Calling
Sam Roberts
Bedouin Soundclash
Dean Blundell
Sault Ste Marie
Joy Drop
Trebler Charger
Sum 41
Smirnoff Ice
Joan Osbourne
On a Day Like Today
David Copperfield
The Fugees
Josie and the Pussycats
Butt Selfies
Six Flags Ads
S Club Party
Agent Cody Banks 2
Sex and the City
Shiri Appleby
Backroom Casting Couch
Beautiful Agony


4 thoughts on “Betcha Forgot: Musi-bation

  1. So gross I cant believe I listened to this whole thing. The worst part is when Josh asks Kyle if someone ever complained about funky cum but then he didnt answer himself. Dont dish it out if you cant take it yourself

  2. People who choose to post anonymously on the internet are the worst! It makes you come across very bitter and besides theirs nothing ‘funky’ about this situation

  3. Hey guys. I’m the guy you mentioned who complained about the swearing. It sucks that you didn’t mention me by name or read my comment out but whatever it’s all good. I just wanted to say that I don’t are about te swearing it’s just that I wanted my little cousin (not nephew btw) to listen but he’s too little to hear that kind of language. That’s all. There no friggen way he’s allowed to listen to this episode lol.

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