Witches Be Cray-Zay!


Kyle is THE hollywood bigshot!!

Not only did he creep all over Alison “hands-off-jerks-she’s-mine!” Brie that one time, but he also just got back from the set of The Witch, a real Hollywood Movie starring Ralph Ineson and Kate Dickie of breastfeeding Game of Thrones fame!

Listen as he gives us the inside scoop on all the behind the scenes goings on.







Verbs, Adjectives and Nouns:

Witchy Woman
Spanish Flea
Collateral Damage
Kate Dickie
Ralph Einson
9 1\2 Weeks
Black Flies
Chinese Girls Taste Different
Evil Dead
Jane Levy
Sexy Dirty
Zordon is Racist
Freddy Got Fingered moose carcass
Majora’s Mask
Rat Tail
Stone of Destiny
Amazing Spider-Man 2
Ultimate Warrior
Draft Day
Catherine Reitman



6 thoughts on “Witches Be Cray-Zay!

    • It’s actually a screengrab from an episode of Game of Thrones. It’s possibly Kate Dickie’s most famous (or infamous) scene.

      Kyle and I will probably do another episode about “The Witch” when it comes out.

  1. I have a question for you Kyle…are you the one that did our make-up? You probably don’t remember but I was a background actress in the one scene in the town hall and we were talking about horror movies as I am a huge horror movie freak…everything from make-up, special effects..etc…and I just happened to be looking on the internet about anything that had to do with “The Witch”!

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