Josh is STILL a Feminist & Kyle Believes in Miracles


Finally the thrilling conclusion to Josh and Kyle’s Miracle Berry adventure.
This time we get an even more cringe inducing idea of what Josh believes “being a Feminist” actually means.


Beyoncé said it best… Girls run this mother-!


I’ll Never Be Called a Femi-Nazi, and THAT’S Sexist!

Kyle and Josh attempt to eat some Miracle Berry tablets and let their tongues go on an acid trip.


“Like Beer Goggles for your tongue” – rejected ad campaign

But before they do they GOTTA talk about Feminism, the Super Bowl, old episodes of The X-Files, The Mighty Ducks of Anaheim and their 2003 Cinderella Stanley Cup run, and of course we take a huge shit on the movie Snowpiercer.


All of this eventually became poo...

All of this eventually became poo…