I’ll Never Be Called a Femi-Nazi, and THAT’S Sexist!

Kyle and Josh attempt to eat some Miracle Berry tablets and let their tongues go on an acid trip.


“Like Beer Goggles for your tongue” – rejected ad campaign

But before they do they GOTTA talk about Feminism, the Super Bowl, old episodes of The X-Files, The Mighty Ducks of Anaheim and their 2003 Cinderella Stanley Cup run, and of course we take a huge shit on the movie Snowpiercer.


All of this eventually became poo...

All of this eventually became poo…


7 thoughts on “I’ll Never Be Called a Femi-Nazi, and THAT’S Sexist!

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed your concern for the inventory at No Frills. Hilarious.

    Also, I read your older stuff a while ago. Full confession: I loved it. The honesty, as well as the writing. I think your better at it than you know. Although, I also think your podcast is pretty freaking great too. I guess just… Keep up the good work!!

  2. Also, I went looking for a Downy Ball once. You know, the things you fill with fabric softener and add to shitty top-loader washers that don’t have a pocket for anything, let alone fabric softener. Well, I couldn’t find any. After looking for twenty minutes, I found a guy working stock. I asked him “Hey dude, do you know where I can find any Downy Balls?” Keep in mind, he is maybe 17, and I am a young, 23ish. Anyways, he answers “Listen lady.” LADY! “This is No. Frills. That. That is a frill”. Then, he just walked away. I was speechless for at least 10 minutes, which is a long time for me. Since when is a freaking Downy Ball a frill? I thought everyone wanted soft clothes? No?

    • He probably thought you were talking about Iron Man’s testicles… you may have scarred the poor kid for life!!!

      As for you kind words: WE’RE TOTALLY READING YOUR COMMENTS “ON THE AIR”!

      We’ve done a letter bag episode before, back when we used to get significantly more feedback, but I think it’ll be hilariously sad to do it with only 2 comments.

      We’ll be sure to plug your blog to our FEWER THAN THREE HUNDRED SUBSCRIBERS so be prepared for an imperceptible bump in traffic.

      • Yes. Please do a post, and definitely include me. Not only will it be hilarious, but you have a few hundred more followers than I do, so it can’t hurt. Cheers to Downy Balls! Can’t wait to hear it 🙂

    • I must say I wish I was a fly on the wall when this event happened, I would’ve gave that kid a slow clap for his excellent performance in the category of wit.

      • I wasn’t sure whether to slow clap, or punch him for making me sound two decades older. He might as well have called me Mam! Witty teenaged dink he was. I may have some unresolved anger over the incident. Maybe.

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