Greatest Hits

It’s probably too much to ask for anybody to sift through every single one of my blog posts, especially since it’s hard for me to believe that anyone would be interested in reading any of them.

Still for those completionists out there, the kinds of people who absolutely refuse to watch the newest episode of Breaking Bad without having seen the entire first 5 seasons, here are a few key posts that help shed some light on what this is all about without you having to go through a year’s worth of entries.

First Post.
Example of the Kind of Crazy Shit That Happens to Me.
Why I Fucking Love Batman.
What Happened to This Guy That Made Him Lose His Mind?
Why Can’t He Just Find a Nice Girl and Settle Down?
Why Does Josh Use Twitter Even Though Nobody Follows Him?
Josh Loves Jewish Girls!!!
Nostalgia Attack and Josh Plays Guitar.
And Then They Forbade Him From Any Human Interactions.


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