VTAN Podcasts

Kyle Hutchinson is a professional Makeup Artist who lives in Toronto with his longtime girlfriend Callie and their aloof, mean spirited cat Griff.

J. Alex Alferez:
Aspiring amateur comedian.
Shiftless layabout.

Together, Josh and K-Hutch are bringing home the randomness with The VTAN Podcast and since it’s on iTunes you know it’s official.

Go ahead. Have a taste of our aural awesomeness.

Betcha Forgot
Betcha Forgot 2
Bored Games: Lord of the Rings Risk!
Betcha Forgot 3
Bored Games: 7 Wonders
Betcha Forgot 4
“You’re Tearing Me Apart, Lisa!” a 1st timer’s commentary of The Room
Betcha Forgot 5
Blackout! (Kill the Lights)
Legend of VTAN: A Link to the (pod)Cast
Blackout pt. 2: The Fall of BlockBuster & The Rise of Josh
Betcha Forgot 6
Betcha Forgot: Musi-bation
Skittlebräu and Chazzwazzers
Bored Games #3: Smash Up!
Bored Games IV: King of Tokyo
Kitchen Fulla Heroes
I Don’t Care About Battlestar Galactica
Ultimate Spider-Man is Just Twilight Fanfiction
Bored Games #5: Bohnanza
Mickey Mouse Haunted House & Gotham’s Got Ham
Ghost DJs & Zombie Lotteries
Marvel vs DC & Strippers vs Gravity | brought to you by Pizza Hut!
I Can Sense Your Sarcasm… (Big Brother Canada Audition Episode)
Bored Games #6: Settlers of Catan
Hobbit 2: Electric Bilbo-loo
Frankencast 2015
Top 5 Movies of 2014
Josh is a Femi-Nazi?
Josh is STILL a Feminist/Kyle Believes in Miracles
50 Shades of VTAN (Possibly the Best Episode Ever!)
Revengers 2: Asia Voltron (Foreplay Edition)
Revengers 2: Asia Voltron (Full On Penetration)
Kyle is a Satanist, Josh is Deeply Disapointed…
Comi-Con 2015
Flight of the Last Starfight in Paris (whyCarly Bonus Crossover!)


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